Welcome to Aelfric Lodge!

Aelfric Lodge was founded in 1979 by a group of Freemasons who lived in Eynsham, and though the majority of members today still come from either Eynsham or the surrounding areas, we are lucky to receive many visitors from all around the UK. Lodge meetings are normally very well attended, with around 40 – 50 Brethren present at regular meetings.

The Lodge meets at the Woodstock Masonic Hall on the second Thursday of the months of April, May, June, July and September, and holds many regular Lodges of Instruction (LOI’s) through the year, including an LOI Festival in November.

For further details please browse through our website, or contact the Lodge Secretary.  email: secretary@aelfriclodge.org.uk


Did you know there are over 330,000 Freemasons in England and Wales alone, spread over nearly 8,000 individual Lodges?  There are over 50 Lodges just in the province of Oxfordshire!
Did you also know that next to the National Lottery, Freemasonry makes more donations to charity than any other organisation in the UK!